CAP GoodChurch™ On-Demand



On-Demand 14-session intensive workshop that teaches pastors and church planters the organizational and operational side of the church.

Subject matter experts give you the latest information and tools on topics that will propel your church forward. Our goal is to help you see your dream, of a vibrant God-breathed church come true. We will provide you with the necessary tools to help you launch and grow a life-giving, missional church. We want you to execute a "GOOD CHURCH" in your community!  

There are 14 videos in this series. Please watch them in the order they appear. Click the Down arrow in the top left-hand corner of the video to see all the videos.

CAP GoodChurchcontains over 14 hours of video content.

Please download your CAP GoodChurch™ Participant Guide from the Resources tab under your CAP Pastor Profile. You must submit a CAP Church Planter, Builder (existing Pastors), or Network Leader application and pay the nominal fee to join CAP, in order to access our Resources.