Leading Self: Well-Being, Self-Awareness & A Growth Mindset



Date: 09/21/2023

Time: 7:00PM to 8:30PM

Location: Online

This is Workshop #1 in the Resilience Series. Your Facilitator is Dr. Angela C. Hill. Dr. Hill’s professional career spans government, ministry, non-profit, education, retail, energy, and the food & beverage industries. She earned her Doctorate of Strategic Leadership from Regent University. She also holds many professional certifications, is a Master Coach with the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching, and is a certified John Maxwell team member.

This is Workshop #1, in the 3-part Resilience Series, led by Dr. Angela Hill. This workshop on Leading Self will empower leaders with self-practices fundamental to building personal resilience. The Resilience Series of workshops also explores resilience through three lenses - Leading Self, Leading Others, and Leading Ministry and will incorporate the 8 dimensions of leadership. It will focus on the areas of Well-Being, Internal Self-Awareness, External Self-Awareness, and Building a Growth Mindset.